Grade 5

Grade 5 2015-16 ART Units
Unit 1:
Tessellations: Math and Art. Creating a shape that can repeat infinitely. This shape is traced repeatedly across a page and finished by adding repeated colors and details in a balanced manor.
Artist Introduction: M.C. Escher

Unit 2: Relief Printmaking: Using a foam printing plate to create a two-colored print of an animal portrait.
Artist Introduction: Andy Warhol
Artist Movement: Pop Art

Unit 3: Post Card Project: Poetry and Art. Designing, drawing, and coloring a post card image that is inspired by nature. Students will then swap post cards with another Grade 5 class and will write a poem inspired by their received card in Library Class.
Outreach: Library and Art Curriculum Collaboration
Unit 4:
Learning from the Masters: Grade 5 Capstone Project: Each Grade Five Student chooses a “masterpiece” painting from 75 different famous master artists. That student then spends 8 weeks learning how to draw, shade, and paint that piece of art as a re-creation.

Unit 5: Clay: Decorated Tiles: Students learn about the street illustrations of the artist Keith Haring. Students then replicate stylistic choices of Keith Haring’s work in their own designs for a decorated relief clay tile. This tile can represent something that describes the student, or means a lot to the student (Ex. Sport, Art, Music, Ect.)
Artist Introduction: Keith Haring

Unit 6: Field Day Mask (Theme: The Olympics): Grade 5 students will have a brief lesson on the history of mask making. Students will then take their classes chosen sub-theme and create a plaster mask that represents a relation to that sub-theme. This mask will be worn during the Field Day Parade as a great way to show off creativity and school spirit.
Art History Resource: Brief History of Mask Making

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