Grade 4

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Grade 4 2015-16 ART Units

Unit 1:
 "Zentangle" Animal Silhouettes:
Unit 2: Outdoor Observational Tree Drawing and Painting:
Unit 3: Postcard Project: Art and Poetry: Designing, drawing, and coloring a post card image that is inspired by nature. Students will then swap post cards with another grade 4 class and will write a poem inspired by their received card in Library Class.
Outreach: Library and Art Curriculum Collaboration

Unit 4: Plaster Cast Hands:
Unit 5: Clay Picasso Heads:

Unit 6: Charlie Harper’s Bird Collages:

Unit 7: Wire Figures in Motion:

Unit 8: Field Day Mask (Theme: The Olympics): Grade 4 students will have a brief lesson on the history of mask making. Students will then take their classes chosen sub-theme and create a plaster to paper-mache mask that represents a relation to that sub-theme. This mask will be worn during the Field Day Parade as a great way to show off creativity and school spirit.
Art History Resource: Brief History of Mask Making:

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