Saturday, April 29, 2017

Grade 5 "Learning from the Masters" Paintings on Canvas

      For the pinnacle project of their Elementary Art experience, Grade 5 students were asked to choose from over 100 different “Master Paintings”, and to then recreate this famous masterpiece through a process of careful drawing and layering of paint. These masterpiece choices spanned across multiple decades and styles of Art such as abstract, minimalist, realism, impressionism, expressionism, “pop”,and contemporary. Not only is it interesting to see which student chose which style of painting to complete, but the end results of these masterpieces are truly  astounding! Grade 5, you have blown us away. Bravo.




Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Grade 1 Georgia O'Keeffe Paintings


Grade 1 students were introduced to the famous artist Georgia O’Keeffe. She was best known for her paintings of enlarged flowers that stretched off the canvas, and New Mexico landscapes featuring natural remains. First Grade students spent two weeks looking at and drawing O’Keeffe’s most well- known works, and then choose their favorite piece as inspiration and a base for their own watercolor paintings.

Grade 3: Blue Dog

Grade 3 students were introduced to the New Orleans’ based artist George Rodrigue. Among the artist’s many commissions, there was a request that he do the artwork for a collection of Cajun ghost stories, including a painting of a werewolf, known as the “loup-garou”. Mr. Rodrigue found his model in his studio: a photograph of his dog, Tiffany, who had recently died. She was black and white in the photograph but became dark blue with bright yellow eyes in his imagination. This Blue Dog design quickly became an “icon” and catapulted him to worldwide fame. Rodrigue completed countless versions of “Blue Dog” during his lifetime. Students were asked to create their own version of Blue Dog using large paper and oil pastel! They first completed several “rough draft” drawings of different ideas until moving onto a final paper displaying their favorite design. This project took students 6 weeks of hard work. Great job Grade 3!



Kindergarten Self Portraits

 Kindergarten- aged students used their mirror reflections to aid in studying different features on their faces. Students followed step by step directions on how to draw a head, eyes, nose, hair, neck, and shoulders. Kindergartners were then asked add details to their self portraits that are special and specific to them (Glasses, freckles, hair color, etc.) These self portraits were created with pencil, sharpie, crayon, and watercolor paint. Art takes courage, and I am so proud of these talented 5 and 6 year-olds who never gave up, and in-turn created a self- portrait to be cherished.


We love Clay!

Here are some pictures from clay projects created this year...

Grade 4 Picasso Faces

Grade 2 Slab Cups