Monday, March 27, 2017

Annual Grade 5 Wax Hands Project

A huge THANK YOU to our Newmarket Jr/Senior High School Art Teacher Annette Blake for continuing our Annual Grade 5 Plaster-Cast Wax Hands Project! It was certainly a huge success for yet another year. This is a project where ten high school aged students who are "Art Enthusiasts" travel down to the Elementary School with Annette Blake to participate in a collaborative experience where all 100 of our Fifth Graders get to choose a significant hand position or specific item to hold. Then students dip their hands in warm wax which forms a perfect mold around their hand. Once the students remove their hand from the wax mold, a strong plaster called Densite is poured into the mold, filling each little crack and impression. This creates a super cool exact-replica of the student's hand! This becomes an item that families tend to keep and display for many years. Stay tuned for photos of our finished hand-masterpieces!