Thursday, November 17, 2016

Grade 5 Currier Museum of Art Field Trip

      Great Job N.E.S. Fifth Graders!

      Today my heart was filled with so much pride and happiness as I watched our Newmarket 5th Graders analyze and talk about famous works of art with knowledge and confidence! As we toured the museum we saw an array of life-like portraits, detailed still-lifes, huge action-abstract paintings, figurative sculptures, as well as a special exhibition featuring realistic landscape paintings that captured the breathtaking beauty of our very own NH White Mountains.

      Thank you students and teachers for a wonderful day supporting the arts!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Grade 2 Picasso Portraits

Grade 2 Picasso Portraits
     For the first time this year, second graders learned about the
famous artist Pablo Picasso. Picasso was born in Spain, and began painting as a very young boy. Even though Picasso could draw and paint very realistically, he chose to represent what he called "Cubism" in his artwork. Cubism was described at the time as looking like "Broken glass". Figures, colors, and shapes were painted more abstractly, as if they were viewed from many different angles. Portraits were even portrayed with having multiple sets of facial features with simplistic, bold shapes and colors.

Second graders were first given a mirror, and taught how to realistically draw their own eyes, a nose, and a mouth. Students then drew a face, hair, neck, and shoulders keeping in mind the orientation of a classic "portrait". These drawing where then glued together in a manner of the student's choice (EX. eyes in the wrong spot, 2 noses). Lastly, students painted their Picasso Portraits using "fun", "unrealistic" watercolors.

The effort and interest that the second grade students put into this project made astounding, beautiful results!

Great Job Grade 2!

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Grade 4 Plaster Cast Hands

Our fourth graders recently completed a 3D project where they had to work with a partner to apply plaster cast bandages over a chosen hand gesture. Some students decided to go with a simple, yet positive signal of a thumbs up! While others wanted to display a deeper meaning by researching different representations within sign language.

Once the plaster cast bandage was dry, hardened, and removed, students created a stunning background for their plaster cast hand to be mounted on using cardboard, gold, silver, and black sharpie marker. They also used carving tools to carve into the cardboard to expose the "flute" layer underneath. cool!

Monday, January 25, 2016

5th Graders are extremely excited about their "Learning from the Masters" paintings.

This is a long, 6 week study of a single famous painting of their choice. Student's will learn how to draw, shade, and then complete a painting using multiple layers of acrylic paint! Each 5th grader has chosen a different famous painting, so that means 70  different paintings hanging for our big Art Show night!

Awesome Job Grade 5!!

We have had an amazing year so far in the N.E.S. Art Studio!

We are currently working hard on our class projects, getting ready for our big annual Art Show/ Poetry Slam! This special night, happening at the beginning of March 2016, will showcase how incredibly talented and creative our Newmarket student's really are.